Skill Mana Cooldown Description
Shield - - Passive: When holding an Iron Door in main hand and crouching, you only take 15% physical damage and 15% projectile damage.
Spines - 6 Passive: Eject a ring of arrows upon being meleed
Resolve - - Passive: You cannot take more than 50 damage at a time from other entities and are immune to Kneebreak effects.
PrimalRoar 25 1 Expel a tremendous roar, dealing 60 physical damage and knocking up enemies in a line 5 blocks in front of you and within 2 blocks of the line.
Rampage 25 8 You go on a rampage, buffing your speed, making you Unstoppable, and dealing 5 damage to players within 2 blocks of you every .5 seconds for 6 seconds.
Wound 25 8 Wound a target enemy within 7 blocks, dealing 15 damage every 2 seconds for 8 seconds total and negating their healing for 5 seconds.