Skill Mana Cooldown Description
IceBrand - 10 Passive: Melees slow enemies for 2.5 seconds on hit.
IceBarrier - 10 Passive: Enemies that melee you are slowed for 2 seconds.
FrostVolley 20 6 Fire a volley of snowballs every second for 3 seconds. Snowballs deal 40 magic damage for every second they are in the air and slow enemies hit for 1.5 seconds. Damage caps at 40.
IceLance 20 1 Fire a projectile, giving the first enemy hit Kneebreak for 2.5 seconds. If the enemy is slowed, instead deal 100 magic damage and freeze them inside an icicle for 2.5 seconds.
IceBlock 20 12 Freeze yourself inside an icicle. You become Invulnerable and enemies within 4 blocks are slowed. You may break out on second cast to stun nearby enemies for .75 seconds. Expires after 5 seconds otherwise.