Skill Mana Cooldown Description
Wave 12.5 1 Gain 20 health and launch a projectile that heals allies within 3 blocks of impact. The heal is equal to 20 health plus 20 health per ally within 3 blocks is split between allies hit. You gain 1 Wave stack if you hit an ally. Deals 50 magic damage to mobs upon direct hit.
Riptide 15 6 Push enemies in front of you and within 6 blocks back. If you have 3 “Wave” stacks, remove all “Wave” stacks and heal all allies in a cone in front of you and within 6 blocks for 175 health.
HighTide 40 20 Channel for 12 seconds. While channeling, heal the 4 lowest health allies within 10 blocks for 35 health and gain a “Wave” stack every 3 seconds.
Rescue 10 5 You pick up an ally within 35 blocks, free them from impeding effects, gain bonus movement speed and carry them away for 3 seconds.