Skill Cooldown Description
Shield - Passive: When holding an Iron Door in main hand and crouching, you only take 15% physical damage and 15% projectile damage.
Inflame - Passive: Your melees deal magic damage instead of physical damage
LifeSteal 3 Passive: Gain 14 health upon meleeing an enemy
Undeath 60 Passive: You are saved from death for 10 seconds before dying and gain bonus movement speed. If you get a kill you do not die from Undeath.
BurningPresence - Togglable Passive: Gain Fire Resistance and deal 16 magic damage to enemies within 5 blocks every 5 seconds.
InfernalBlade 7 For the next 3 seconds, when you melee enemies, your melee attack damage is also dealt to all other enemies in a cone in front of you and within 7 blocks.
Curse 8 Throw a potion, dealing 30 magic damage and disabling the weapons of enemies within 3 blocks of impact for 3 seconds.
LivingBomb 12 You become Unstoppable for 4 seconds, then explode, dealing 150 magic damage to enemies within 5 blocks and knocking them back.