Skill Mana Cooldown Description
FlickeringBlade - 10 Passive: Upon meleeing an enemy, become Vanished, gain Speed 3, and gain 30 bonus melee damage for 1.5 seconds.
Blink 12.5 - Teleport 4 blocks in the direction you are facing. Does not break Smoke.
Possess - 15 Target an enemy within 6 blocks. You become Invulnerable, Silenced, and Vanished and the enemy is tethered to you for 5 seconds.
MassInvis - 12 You and allies within 4 blocks disappear from view completely for 8 seconds. Silent to other players.
VoidGate - 10 Place a block on first cast, then second cast within 60 seconds and within 300 blocks to set exit location. You, allies, and enemies may teleport to the location by clicking on the block once second cast is complete, Vanishing for 3 seconds. Portal remains open for 5 seconds.