Skill Mana Cooldown Description
Shield - - Passive: When holding an Iron Door in main hand and crouching, you only take 15% physical damage and 15% projectile damage.
IceBrand - 10 Passive: Melees slow enemies for 3 seconds on hit.
BlessedPresence 5 Togglable Passive: Restore 10 health to all allies within 8 blocks every 5 seconds at the cost of 5 mana per tick.
PrimalRoar 15 1 Expel a tremendous roar, dealing 5 physical damage and knocking up enemies in a line 5 blocks in front of you and within 2 blocks of the line.
Glimmer 15 8 Place a pillar that will dissipate after 3 seconds, granting allies within 5 blocks 80% physical damage resistance for 4 seconds. Red particles surround the buffed players.
Consecrate 20 7 Consecrate the ground within 6 blocks target location for 4 seconds. While within the radius, allies gain 80% magic damage resistance and 50% additional melee damage. Blue particles surround the buffed players.