Skill Mana Cooldown Description
Impulse - 5 Passive: When your Mana is lowered to 0, your next melee within 5 seconds instead deals 40 magic damage and knocks the enemy back.
RepulsionOrb 10 3 Launch an orb that deals 20 magic damage and knocks enemies within 4 blocks away from the impact.
VortexOrb 25 8 Launch an orb that deals 20 magic damage, Slows for 1.5 seconds, and pulls enemies within 5 blocks towards the impact.
Blink 15 5 Teleport 8 blocks in the direction you are facing.
MirrorForce 25 8 On first cast, gain shield for 2.5 seconds. The shield negates magic damage and can absorb up to 200 physical damage before breaking. On second cast within 10 seconds, launch an orb that deals magic damage equal to the damage absorbed by your shield to enemies within 3 blocks of the impact. Cooldown and mana cost are taken on second cast.