Skill Cooldown Description
Sneak - Togglable Passive: Begin to sneak, appearing crouched to other players and hiding your nametag.
Expose - Passive: Melees Expose the most recent melee you hit. Exposed enemies glow, receive 20% more physical damage, and cannot enter Smoke for 30 seconds or if you melee a different enemy.
IceBrand 10 Passive: Melees slow enemies for 2.5 seconds on hit.
Sprint 9 Quicken your pace, gaining Speed 4 for 4 seconds.
Smoke 12 Disappear from view completely for 8 seconds. Silent to other players.
Jump 4 Launch yourself several blocks forward. Silent to other players.
Feign 15 Fake your death, Vanishing, becoming Invulnerable, and putting a fake death message in chat. May be used when silenced or stunned.

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