Skill Health Cooldown Description
LifeSteal - 10 Passive: Gain 50 health upon meleeing an enemy
LeechingCoil 25 1 Launch a Wither Head that deals 30 magic damage to enemies within 3 blocks of impact and refunds 50 health if an enemy is hit
BloodBoil 65 10 Stun enemies within 4 blocks for 1.5 seconds. Heal for 25 health for every enemy you stun.
Contraction 50 7 Teleport to target ally within 15 blocks and restore 40 health to them.
BloodBend 100 15 Target an enemy within 20 blocks. Right click the ground within 5 seconds to teleport that enemy to the location and root them for 2 seconds if they are within your line of sight.

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