Skill Mana Cooldown Description
Grounded - - Passive: Receive 50% less damage from Lightning skills.
Shock 1000 - Passive: If you have full mana, your next melee shocks the enemy. This deals 170 magic damage, stuns the enemy for 1 second, drains all of your mana, and resets the cooldown of BoltBlink. That enemy is immune to all Shocks for 10 seconds.
LightningRod - 10 Place a Lightning Rod within 7 blocks. While you are within 3 blocks, you gain 100 mana every second. If an enemy moves within 3 blocks of the Lightning Rod, they take 10 magic damage, get stunned for .75 seconds, and the Lightning Rod collapses. The Lightning Rod expires after 10 seconds.
BoltBlink - 10 Strike the closest enemy within 4 blocks with lightning, dealing 30 magic damage, then teleport 8 blocks in the direction you are facing.
ArcanePulse 200 4 Send a pulse of energy out in a cone extending 7 blocks in front of you. The 3 closest enemies are knocked back (knockback is stronger when the enemies are closer) and Slowed for 3 seconds. Costs no mana while under Lightning Rod.