Skill Cooldown Description
Sneak - Togglable Passive: Begin to sneak, appearing crouched to other players and hiding your nametag.
PoisonArrow - Passive: Your arrows are poisoned, dealing 8 magic damage every 2 seconds for 8 seconds to enemies to hit.
Companion 15 Summon a wolf companion with 300 health to fight for you. The wolf's attacks deal 6 damage, and the wolf can bite enemies every 8 seconds, slowing the target for 3 seconds and dealing 20 damage. Wolf automatically respawns after 15 seconds.
Jump 8 Launch yourself several blocks forward. Silent to other players.
FeralFrenzy 12 Summon 3 wolves with 70 health for 10 seconds, each dealing 8 damage per attack. The player gains haste, bonus movement speed, and 10 bonus melee damage for 5 seconds.
BearTrap 15 Place a 3x3 of Stone Pressure Plates at your feet. After 2 seconds, they activate and turn into Iron Pressure Plates, triggering when stepped on. When triggered, all enemies within 5 blocks receive 80 damage and are stunned for 2.5 seconds. Expires after 12 seconds if not triggered.